Brandon Roberts

    Brandon Roberts AKA “King of Heartz” is a 20 year singer, songwriter, rapper, actor, dancer and poet, residing in the         Scarborough area. King of Heartz starting singing at the young age of 5 with his older brother in church. Heartz started     taking his craft of singing seriously when he was in his second last year of high school and joined the choir at West Hill     C.I. and helped his choir win 1st place at their competition. After he graduated high school he joined an arts program         called suite life in (2011-14). He’s performed at places such as R.i.s.e poetry, Start Festival and had paid performances     at Mammalian: Awks party. He later than joined a program called A.F.R.O (Artist for recreating opportunity). He now         currently about of there team and helps out with events and facilitating programs. Outside of his life of arts he always       thinks of different ways to better his community and youth growing up. He is also a young entrepreneur who is

currently enrolled in a program to develop his photography business. He is actively working on an untitled R&B album that he plans on releasing summer of 2015.


Altogether King of Heartz is an all around artist and works hard and stays on the grind to make sure he becomes successful in his craft. He believes that if you really want to be happy in life, you need to pursue what make you happy and do to do so with purpose.

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