Mr. Fresh

    Mr. Fresh is a community leader, a social eco-entrepreneur, environmentalist, mentor and motivational speaker, that has       dedicated his time to his community.   Born and raised in the Jane and Finch community, he has attracted a lot of                   community awareness and media attention through his business endeavors and leadership.


    Fresh was an active member of the Green Change Project, where he educated community residents on how to make             Jane and Finch a Green community.  As a result of his work and commitment to this project, in 2010 this initiative won the     Green Toronto Award for outstanding community projects.  Fresh is also a graduate of The Creative Institute for Toronto         Young Leaders (City Leaders), a United Way project created in association with the University of Toronto and the Youth         Challenge Fund that provides leadership development for young people working and volunteering in the community and         social service sector in Toronto.


His entrepreneurial spirit started from the age of 8 and he has worked his way up to just recently founding Mr. Fresh World Enterprise where as CEO, he develops environmentally friendly air fresheners.  Recently, Mr. Fresh and his work and dedication to his community was recognized when he received the youth entrepreneur of the year award from the Identify ‘N Impact Youth Awards which celebrates the valuable contributions of young people across the city.


Mr. Fresh aims to work with Nia Centre for the Arts to instill spiritual growth, culture, and community leadership in youth to ensure that a strong legacy is left for the next generation of Afro-Diasporic young leaders to follow.

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