Jael De Gale

    Jael De Gale Is a freelance Graphic Illustrator who began his career in Toronto 2006, with an American comic art form.     He has produced book covers, album art, character designs, posters, logo designs and gallery pieces.


    Jael is a self-educated artist; His artistic development benefits from studying industry standard art books and observing     and associating with artists more skilled and experienced than himself. In 2013, he began his formal education at             Centennial College studying Art and Design Foundation. Throughout Jaels artistic growth, he developed a pin up style     that incorporates narrative poetry, contemporary African culture and symbolisms master artist such as Alphonse               Mucha portrayed in his Art.


Jael primarily works with pencils, inks, watercolor, digital media and mix-media utilizing materials found in nature. He is passionate about the creative process and combining concepts and ideas to messages.

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