Artform: Graphic Design


Bianca Channer is an advertising major at OCAD University, exploring data visualization, digital media and experimental graphic design. Her work currently explores themes of identity vs. society, metaphysics and dreams. Currently, Bianca is a Research Assistant & Designer for the Centre for Information Visualization & Data-Driven Design. Recently, she was a speaker at the Interaction 13 Design Conference in Toronto as an OCAD Showcase, discussing the value of storytelling through design and the Natural Capital ECOCAP design project in collaboration with the David Suzuki Foundation. Bianca’s design work on the future Rouge National Urban Park was previewed in the Toronto Star in September 2012 and was exhibited at the Gulf of Georgia Cannery Museum in Vancouver, British Columbia.


Bianca considers design as a pro-social profession, creating limitless opportunities to promote knowledge, understanding and challenge barriers. Designing allows her to stimulate new ideas, and creatively communicate solutions, dreams and messages with meaning.

Bianca Channer

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