Artform: Photography


Candace Nyaomi has experimented with various forms of visual art such as drawing, painting, sculpting and sewing all her life.  Photography caught her heart in her later years of high school, and she began pursuing all opportunities to shoot and exhibit.


Although Candace started her photography career digitally, she recently picked up film photography and has grown to love the process, technique, timelessness and overall look of film photography. She prefers to take photographs based on “the decisive moment”; a term coined by Henri Cartier-Bresson, describing a candid photograph taken at

the exact moment that best illustrates the entire story or action.


Candace has recently exhibited her photography at Beaver Hall Gallery, Daniels Spectrum and SOHO Lobby Gallery with Nia Centre for the Arts as well as at Ujima House with Young and Potential Fathers.

Candace Nyaomi

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