Artform: Graphic Design, Woodwork


Carolyn Douse has an entrepreneurial spirit, having started her first company, BWC (Black, White & Colour Unlimited), the age of 15. Now in her ealy 20s, she is CEO of another company called Oldowan, a fashion and accessories line utilizing raw materials such as leather, furs and wood. Responsible for overseeing craftsmanship and design, Carolyn ensures high quality craftsmanship incorporating technological advancements with traditional leather crafting techniques.


A student at OCAD University, Carolyn has expanded her artistic growth by developing her skills as a graphic 

designer and woodworker. Working in the Rapid Prototyping Studio for 3 years at OCAD, she has been able to explore the world beyond 2D plains of design into 3D. Now trained in several cutting edge technologies Carolyn has been able to bring her creative skills into her business endeavours. She is crrently the design editor for ONYX Society of OCAD, which is a collective of Black students at OCAD University.

Carolyn Douse

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