Artist Name: “JuLo”


Artform: Dance


Judi “JuLo” Lopez, Jamaican-born and Pickering raised, Judi has always had a natural rhythm for hip-hop music and from her adolescent days she decisively developed her skills through trial and error. Since then, she has participated in various dance shows with dance groups such as Just Jam, School of Mayhem and Blaze Entertainment. Her love and talent for dance has given her opportunities to work alongside top choreographers like Jae Blaze and HiHat.


Judi has also performed with internationally well-known artists such as Rihanna and Azari & III. She has done concerts in England and music videos for local artists such as Carl Henry. She has been featured in Bollywood movies and has danced during the 7th inning stretching for the Toronto Blue Jay’s Jforce squad, among many other appearances.


Judi is also the founder of “KeepRockinYou” that be started its first project called the Toronto B-Girl Movement with the City of Toronto Culture in summer 2013.

Judi Lopez

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