Artform: Music


Krystle Chance is a naturally talented vocalist from Toronto. She attended the Ontario Conservatory of Music for both piano and vocal training in order to learn the technical skills of music. Krystle uses her technical musical background and fuses it with raw emotion and passion to incubate her artistic creations.


Music and singing is Krystle’s passion, and she has been cultivating her skills as a vocalist throughout her life, capturing the power and soulfulness of her influences, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Luther Vandross amongst others from that era. She feels that the next level in her musical journey is to share my love and knowledge for the arts with the younger generation.


Krystle uses her musical gifts to give back to her community. She dedicates her time and love to creating and facilitating music and creative writing workshops for Toronto youth all over the city with lyricist Jaydahmann. Currently Krystle is working on a musical project called COVERS, a compilation of her interpretations of new and old favourites.

Krystle Chance

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