Artform: Photography


From the time she could pick up objects, Mapela has been fascinated with the world revolved around the arts. One day it would be drawing, the next interior designing and later fashion design. At the age of 16, she had the opportunity to enter a photography contest called “My City, Our Stories” powered by Canon. She won second place and received a camera that launched her career. She then went on to work with photographer/architect Micheal Awad, who  mentored her for a year, teaching her numerous photography and Photoshop techniques. In 2012, Mapela got accepted into the Remix Project and spent six months under Jalani Morgan and Ruthie’s Wing. In between those projects, she has been around the city, shooting events and parties. She has also done photo shoots for many artists, specifically in the performance arts.

Mapela Uhindu-Gingala

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