Artform: Visual Arts, Spoken Word Poetry


Olayide G. Madamidola is a renaissance designer, currently majoring in environmental and graphic design at OCAD University. He is fascinated with the way societies interact with spaces and how this informs and shapes culture. Olayide is currently exploring interaction and experience design whilst drawing inspiration from the sights, sounds, and textures of the city.


He has received accolades at OCADU’s 2011 design competition On The Move, and has spoken on panels such as the 2012 DAS HAUS International Pavilion. A spoken word poet, Hip hop and Jazz enthusiast, Olayide is presently the Vice-President and a founding member of the Onyx Society at OCADU. 


Olayide is a active member of Nia Centre and recently showcased his work as part of Nia Centre and NorthSideHipHop’s “T-Dot Pioneers 3.0: The Future Must Be Replenished” exhibit.

Olayide G. Madamidola

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