Artform: Spoken Word Poetry


Randell Adjei is a spoken word Edutainer & Artivist who uses the power of words to reach people through “edu-tainment”. He is also the founder of the Citywide movement Reaching Intelligent Souls Everywhere (R.I.S.E Poetry). Randell believes that there are a lot of issues in our society that need to be addressed, and he uses his art to educate. Many of us are lost in society but we are all responsible for one another’s growth.


A former juvenile delinquent, Randell has been incarcerated, suspended, robbed at gunpoint, and almost lost his life when he was stabbed in the back and elbow at age 17. When he learned he could turn his struggles around to help inspire others through his talent, things began making sense.


Randell is a recent recipient of the Identify & Impact Street Level Advocate Awards by the Toronto Youth Cabinet & the Yinnergy Appreciation award from members of the Malvern Y.O.W community.  His mission is changing the vibration of the world bringing together the Unity in Global Community. 

Randell Adjei

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