AlumNia Seed Fund

Stream 2 - Arts Based Businesses


Nia Centre for the Arts’ Creative Connect Initiative is proud to offer our alumni up-to $1000 in seed funding to invest in their professional capacity as working creatives. The AlumNia Seed Fund supports the professional development of artists in their growth.



Why an AlumNia Seed Fund?

  1. We are dedicated to providing artists with opportunities to build professional experience and expand career networks

  2. We want to develop the capacity of young artists to be able to further build on their own



  • To provide funds for early-career artists to invest in artists’ capacity to generate income from their creativity

  • To present early career artist with paid opportunities for professional development




This seed fund is for youth:

  • who are between the age of 18-29

  • who are in any artistic discipline

  • who identify as Black (of African and/or Caribbean descent)

  • have a viable artist development trajectory

  • who have completed one or more Nia Centre programs

Application Closed

Use of Funds
  • Capital costs

    • For example:

      • training books or manuals

      • Develop “portfolio” materials that document and promote your work: professional demo recordings, recording of works in performance for dance and theatre artists, demo reels, documentation of visual arts work, websites as a presentation tool


  • Training and mentorship

    • For example:

      • fees for a course, workshop, creative lab, artist residency, master class, or other professional development activity

      • honorarium to a mentor for 1-on-1 mentorship

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