Carnival Arts

Nia Centre for the Arts in partnership with SugaCayne Designs and the Venom Carnival group collaborated with the planning, design and execution of carnival productions for the Caribbean Carnival of Toronto. 

Nia Centre for the Arts is pleased to introduce the newest segment of our programming: Carnival Arts! In celebration of 50 years of Caribbean Carnival in Toronto, we are contributing to the festivities and communication of this international and African-Diasporic tradition by participating in the activities and parade of the 2017 “Caribana."


The program was created with a focus on: (1) developing technological design innovation in carnival arts, (2) promoting youth empowerment and education through unique creative opportunities, and (3) encouraging a creative entrepreneurial space for artists and their crafts.


Through a partnership with SugaCayne Designs, and the Venom Carnival group, Nia Centre will collaborate on the planning, design, and execution of Carnival Arts activities and production beginning with the 2017 carnival season, and continuing year-round.


Take a look at our Carnival Costumes here! As a part of our fundraising initiatives at Nia Centre, partial proceeds from our costume sales will go towards the development fund for our new Centre for the Arts!


Carnival Arts News


April 2017 // Carnival Costume Design Event with Ryerson University

April 2017 // New Carnival Arts Program

May 2017 // Partnership with Venom Carnival and SugaCayne Designs

May 2017 // Venom Carnival Costume and Band Launch

May 2017 // Costume "Bombax" Revealed at Showcase

May 2017 // Costume "Bombax" on Display at Venom Carnival Showroom

June 2017 // Social Media Campaign Celebrating Toronto Carnival's 50th

June 2017 // Gallery Features Bombax Carnival Costume as Fundraiser

June 2017 // Nia Centre Presents Carnival Pop Up Shop at AfroChic Event

June 2017 // Nia Centre's "Chrysalis" Costume Exhibit on Display



Whether you're a Caribbean Carnival veteran, a novice masquerader, curious spectator, fashion designer, costume guru, design enthusiast, dancer, photographer, or a community artist who loves to have fun in the sun and enjoy our beautiful city of us at to find out how you can get involved with our Carnival Arts program!


This year's Toronto Caribbean Carnival is taking place on Saturday, August 5, 2017...but our program is year round!

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