Are you 18 - 29, looking for mentors to offer guidance and career advice?

Introducing the Career Advancement Stream


The Career Advancement stream connects youth ages 19-24 to new career networks, professional development programming and income generation opportunities.

How does it work?

Step 1:

Attend a networking training session and mixer hosted by industry mentors that will connect youwith skills and career networks needed to build connections 

Step 2:

Participate in a small-group curated mentorship session led by skill-specific mentors that take mentees through a predesigned curriculum.

Step 3:

Have a 1-hour coffee meetup with a skill specific mentor in which you can ask career-related questions and get honest answers.

Step 4:

Build a 4-month partnership with your mentor with the support of Nia Centre mentors in residence.


“There were so many special moments. But I loved the
activities on our first day because they really set the stage and helped get closer to the group.

— Creative Connect Participant

“I learned that most artists struggle in similar areas and by working together we learn from each other.”

— Business of Art Participant

“This event gave me motivation to pursue my creative passion in conjunction with my day job. Felt really inspirational.”

— Meet Your Mentor Attendee

“The recruiters were knowledgeable and gave good perspective on what employers are looking for”

— Creative Connect Conference Attendee

How do I get started?


Register through our mentorship platform HERE

“The internship changed my life. It was really helpful. The best part was being in a
creative workspace, where it doesn’t feel like work. You work how you want to work. I really appreciated that."

— Creative Connect Intern

“I learned soft skills (body language, posture, tone) and engaging in intentional self-
reflective thinking when planning a workshop.”

— Art of Facilitation Participant


Q: Do I need to complete all 4 steps?

A: Not at all! We recognize that not everyone can carve out time in their schedule for every single

event hosted by Creative Connect. Attend offerings that you are interested in.

Q: Can I start and stop?

A: Yes. We will be hosting events and offerings until the end of 2019, so go at your own pace.

Q: I want a mentor now. I don't want to do the other stuff.

A: The beauty of this program is that we can set that up for you but we encourage you to flow through the multiple steps because if we pair you with someone that ends up not being a good fit, it might be a waste of your time and effort. Whereas with the step-by-step process, you can test out multiple mentors without dedicated commitments while building your professional and personal skills.

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