Are you 12-18, in search of a mentor to look up to and receive advice from?

Introducing the Career Exploration Stream


The Career Exploration stream connects youth ages 12-18 to post-secondary advice, employment pathways, and increased career networks by bringing professionals into your school to offer workshops.

How does it work?

Step 1:

Participate in our career-focused presentations at your school 

Step 2:

Attend an small group skill-development workshop with an organized by Nia Centre in your school with an established career professional.

Step 3:

Successful Career Exploration participants can expand into the Career Advancement stream.


Here's some feedback from other Career Advancement Participants

"Hearing the speakers' stories and that they didn't give up has really helped me work through problems, and be able to talk to people as a community as opposed to just figuring it out by yourself.


It's been great to connect not just with mentors, but other people in the session too."

"This program helped me actualize my dreams and helped me put forth a practical plan to make it happen.

No words can describe the sense of empowerment this program gave me."

"My favourite thing is that a lot of workshops I've been to talk about how to make your craft better, like how to make your pictures better, but [here] it's more about how to make you as a person better.


Once you become a better version of you, your craft will get better on it's own."

"The biggest thing for me was networking. I was introduced to quite a few people. That helped me a lot. It helped me secure jobs after the internship because of being in the space. I met a lot of people that really drove my whole career now."

How do I get started?


Check out our list of upcoming opportunities listed below:

My school isn't on the list!


Not to worry, Nia Centre is flexible in our approach to offering the best programming for your career. You can:


  1. Stay connected to Nia Centre through our newsletter to attend upcoming Creative Connect events and by-pass the school route.

  2. Sign up through our mentorship platform HERE to begin the process.

  3. Request Nia Centre to host a series in your school.

More details to come!  

Want to bring Creative Connect to your school?


We are looking for schools to bring meaningful arts-based programming and established creative professionals students across the GTA.

To get more information about what we offer for in-school programming please email!

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