Creative Connect is a professional development project for early career artists seeking capacity building and career opportunities in the creative business sector. The project utilizes a customized approach to the development of mentorship opportunities, apprenticeships, job shadowing, income generation and internships in creative fields. Participants combine a diverse range of professional development opportunities with professional workplace experiences and mentorships from workplace professionals in the creative fields.

Professional Development Programs & Event

Arts-Based Mentorship

Creative Connect Conference


In collaboration with LinkedIn, Design Cofounders and Ryerson University, Nia Centre for the Arts will host The Creative Connect Conference, an opportunity for young artists and creatives from across the GTA, community organizations, entrepreneurs and industry professionals to connect and learn in a full day networking and training. With a diverse range of interactive sessions each facilitated by business professionals and leaders, participants will  learn insider information on what it takes to get into the creative sector, how to land the job, what are the biggest mistakes and how to avoid them.

Coffee Connect

Coffee Connect is a one-on-one informational-conversation between a professional (a person working in a professional capacity in either the arts, creative sector or in a role that supports creative professionals). 


Coffee Connect sessions are a one time meet-up between a mentor and mentee; meetings are mediated through our private online portal the cost of coffee are covered. As we are an afro-diasporic youth organization and spots are limited, priority will be given to those who classify within our target population (afro-diasporic youth).

Seed Funding

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