Call for Proposals -  A Decade in Review

Nia Centre, in collaboration with The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery, seek proposals for the creation of a dynamic video-based work (minimum of 15 minutes in duration) that critically showcases representations of the Black-Canadian experience, with an emphasis on historical material that explores significant people, movements, and moments over the past ten years.


We encourage proposals that reflect the unique histories and cultural experiences of Blackness within a Canadian context, and that reflect and respond to our community(ies) in meaningful and responsible ways.


By amplifying the unique cultural ground that the Afro-diasporic community represents, A Decade in Review will serve as a catalyst to generate new knowledge and artistic references that support Black-Canadian artistic expression and production.

Submission Deadline: Monday, November 25, 2019, 11:59pm


  • Video-based art,” which may include elements of performance, academia, and other interdisciplinary activities

  • Resulting screening will be video only. 

Accepted Art Forms

  • December 2019: Successful & Unsuccessful Applicants Notified

  • Friday, January 31: First Cut of Video Due

  • Friday, February 14: Final Cut of Video Due

  • Saturday, February 29: Film Screening & Talk @ The Harbourfront Centre

  • Tuesday, March 5: Community Screening & Talk (time and location TBC). 

Project Timeline

Please compile the below information into a single pdf. Please review submission requirements carefully, as incomplete submissions will not be reviewed:


1. Summary of Proposed Video-Work (up to 800 words)

This should include a thematic overview the proposed video-work, detailing how the work will critically analyze the past decade of Black-Canadian history, and what themes will be covered and explored. This should also include a list detailing some of the people, moments, movements, sounds, bodies of work, cultural shifts, and more, which have defined and/or continue to define Black-Canadian culture and experience.


If applicable, please also include a list of proposed and/or confirmed collaborators. For unconfirmed collaborators, please detail how you intend to reach out to each collaborator, and if you have worked with them in the past and in what capacity.

2. Support Materials (up to 10 minutes)

Please provide 1-3 links to previous examples of your video-work. Links to cloud/storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer, etc. may be used. Please be sure that the appropriate permissions are in place so the videos can be viewed by selection committee members. Links can also be from video hosting platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, and more. Please note, selection committee members will review up to 10 minutes of video support material. If your support material(s) are longer than 10 minutes in total, please clearly denote the portion of the video(s) that you would like to be considered using clear time stamps (for example 12:00 - 18:45).


3. Artist Bio(s) (300 words max)

Please include an artist bio for you, as well as each confirmed and/or proposed collaborator(s).


4. Lead Artist Resume


5. Budget

Please submit a budget for up to $2500, including artist fees, licensing fees, equipment & software rental, etc. Note, the budget may not include expenses related to the purchase of equipment. a flat fee of $600 and any costs for materials will need to be covered by the artist. Costs for installation and disassembling will be covered by the partner organizations. 


Are you a Creative Connect Mentor?

Applicants who are a part of Nia Centre’s Creative Connect program may engage their mentee in the development of the work through research, production, job shadowing, and more. Mentees will be compensated and additional $250 is available for mentors who meaningfully engage their mentees throughout the project. Please include the name of your mentee(s) in your support materials..

Submission Requirements

Please compile your documents into a single PDF document, and submit via the form below:

How to Apply

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