‘Da Kink in My Hair by Andy

August 15, 2011

“You cannot continue to resist change.”


This quote is stuck in my head until now. It’s simple yet so meaningful. It was my first time seeing “‘da Kink in my Hair” last Friday and I was blown away by the play’s realness.  It doesn’t matter what race you’re from, what’s important is for us to learn to appreciate everyone for each of us is fighting our own battle. And that we have to look beyond what our eyes can see for only the heart can see what’s real. If one thing ends, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the road is done; sometimes we have to risk something in order to keep moving forward. That’s what the play taught me.


We’ll be screening Joel Gordon’s documentary “Embracing Da Kink” today @ Yorkwoods Library, come and check out the behind the scenes action!! 

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