EXPOSED: Telling Our Stories Through Our Lens.

March 21, 2013

Nia Centre for the Arts presents EXPOSED: Telling Our Stories Through Our Lens. The exhibit showcases the work of five Nia Centre 

photographers, all under the age of 25, each sharing her/his own look at diverse experiences from across the African Diaspora.


The photo exhibit includes the following pieces:


  • Ebti Nabag’s “I Am Not My Hair”, which looks at the power and politics of Black women’s hair;

  • Candace Nyaomi’s “Appreciation”, which explores the unique strength and beauty of African features;

  • Leilah Dhoré’s “My Predicament”, which looks at how societal expectations and perceptions can have an adverse impact on forming Black identity;

  • Taejon Cupid’s “Beauty in Black” photo stream, which showcases the grace, style and strength of Caribbean culture; and

  • Mapela Uhindu-Gingala’s “Family Values”, which pays homage to the value system instilled in her by her parents and the influence of their Benin and Congo roots.

The Exhibit will be showcased in the first floor gallery of Daniels Spectrum for public viewing from Saturday, March 23rd

through Sunday, May 5th.

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