Nia Centre x Young & Potential Fathers Present: The Cycle

June 12, 2013

Reception & Artist Talk 5pm-7pm at Ujima House (1901 Weston Road. Unit 18)

*refreshments to be served

For more information call 416.916.2512



Artist Statement


By Candace Nyaomi



The Cycle is ultimately a response to the topic of love versus lust amongst this generation of young adults. Although it was targeted towards those my age, I feel it can apply to anyone. People tend to mistake lust for love when they begin feeling desperate for some form of affection. Unfortunately this can lead to a one-sided “relationship” where one feels superior, and therefore has more control. It’s a predator versus prey situation, for lack of better words, when one is able to manipulate the other once they sense vulnerability.


Originally this was a series of three that was influenced by a school project, in which we were asked to shoot a sequence of events. However, I decided to present a story as well as a sequence. I felt I could and should do more than just something visually appealing. I wanted it to be thought provoking and meaningful.


The first photo shows a young woman alone, sad and lonely. She’s hugging herself; her head is down avoiding eye contact, symbolizing her low self-esteem. In the second picture she’s dressed only in a bra while being held by a topless man as he kisses on her neck. This time there is direct eye contact with the viewer and a clear increase in her self-confidence. The third has her holding her child, both looking directly into the camera with tense facial expressions. There is a look of betrayal and that same sad undertone that could be felt in the first picture.


When I was given the opportunity to hang my work in the Ujima House, we agreed that a fourth photo should be added to change the negative story into a positive and to better suit the space. So in the final piece the father returns and a candid family portrait is taken. Both forms of this narrative are truthful in today’s society.

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