Exposed 2014

918 Bathurst, Toronto

March 7th, 2014 - March 22nd, 2014

Opening Reception March 7th, 6PMto 9PM

Closing Reception March 21st, 6PM to 9PM

Curated by Sandra Brewster

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Deciding Centre represents the physical, and sometimes contextual, nature of the work by artists Johanna Brewster, Amefika “Afi” Browne, Jordan Clarke, Jessica Karuhanga, Bishara Mohamed, Gervais Kwabena Marley Nash, Chiedza Pasipanodya, Nadijah Robinson and Amber Williams-King.


After gathering these individuals together, it was apparent to all of us that there seemed to be a playfulness in each artists' work. And a need to find a balance, or a centre – a decision to focus on how to convey a representation of one's identity and response to environment, or on making choices that involve materials for a particular aesthetic outcome.


The artists' approach to materials and techniques vary, however, the physical nature of much of their work centres around reconstruction and renewal. In some work, found materials such as cardboard, tiles and computer parts, are used to create new objects – what was unattractive and/or discarded is reclaimed and transformed into a thing of beauty, useful, current and cool. Other pieces, composed with two or more media – photography, textiles, drawing and painting – bring together materials unusually associated with each other to, in some cases, tell fantastical stories, referencing history and gesturing toward the future.


Work in drawing, painting and photography, are quite multi-layered as well. Through strategic layerings of paint, new ways of examining the body are explored. Additional paintings use the figure to explore the effect of the earth's elements on spirituality. Photographs offer narratives as well as experimental techniques. And through a series of drawings a multi-dimensional arts practice, that includes performance, is being felt through mark making.


Deciding Centre offers a glimpse into the growing practices of these 9 contemporary artists.


- Sandra Brewster, Curator


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