A Creative Connect Networking Event


⏲ Wednesday June 22 2016 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM

 4th Floor, Suite 411, 555 Richmond Street West, Toronto, ON, Canada


Looking for a mentor? Want to network with established professionals in the arts and creative industries? We got you covered!


Odds are, a mentor isn’t going to walk up to you and ask you to be their mentee. At Meet Your Mentor, we will help facilitate the process of acquiring a mentor in an intimate space.


Below are a list of the confirmed mentors

  • Sommer Leigh-Rae Blackman; Entertainment Lawyer

  • Samantha Clarke; Toronto and International Photographer

  • John Kyeremeh; Sales and Marketing Developer

  • Ryan Chung; Event MC and Digital Content Producer

  • Brent Wardrop; President of Elemental

  • Wolf J McFarlane; Multi-disciplinary Artist and Graphic Designer

  • Anique Jordan; Photographer and Social Entrepreneur

  • Cazhhmere; Music Video Director

  • Mustefa Jo'shen; Founder of Design Cofounders

Bring your cards. Bring your questions. Bring your smile.


Dinner and TTC tokens will be provided


*First 20 registrants receive a free Starbucks gift card


*All confirmed participants will receive an inspiration kit


The value of a mentor who can help cultivate leadership skills one-on-one in real-time, reduce the anxiety in taking big steps, and focus leaders on achieving their goals – is huge. Many times it’s the first few years out of school that can shape the career path of a [millennial], and that is determined by whether they create or are given an opportunity to demonstrate their leadership skill.” - via Forbes


We need people outside of our heads and our circumstances to see where we are struggling and where we are succeeding so that they can point out high impact changes we can make.” - via The Art of Simple


"While research has shown those who have mentors tend to have better career-related outcomes that stem from these mentor functions, it also shows those who receive the greatest benefit have multiple mentors. Some people will have different advisors at different points in their lives, each making a unique contribution. Others, however, actively seek the counsel of more than one mentor at the same point in time. For those whose jobs have a great deal of responsibility and complexity, having multiple mentors can serve as an informal board of directors." - Via The Leadership Effect


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