Nia Centre provides exhibition opportunities for artists to showcase their work. Some of our exhibitions have included Project Groundings, The Cycle, EXPOSED, and T-Dot Pioneers: The Future Must Be Replenished.

Past Exhibitions

AfroSonic Vol. 1: Portraits of a Musician

B-Side Festival's Photography Exhibition

Black musics are loved for their participatory and improvisatory natures. They demand we get involved, respond to the call of the performer. Like a soulclap, black musics are on time and on their own time, creatively engaging, improvising and making new relationships between time and the body. Portraiture, a core canonical feature of the visual arts, has been deployed in history to convey... more

EXPOSED Visual Arts Exhibit

Nia Centre for the Art's Annual Visual Arts Exhibit

EXPOSED, Nia Centre for the Arts’ annual visual arts exhibition promotes and showcases the work of emerging Toronto-based artists of Caribbean or African descent. This initiative provides a platform for young artists to experiment and share their work with a diverse audience as well as to participate...more


Empowering Black Youth through the Arts

Across the GTA (Halton, Peel, York, Durham and Toronto), black youths are leading grassroots initiatives that use the arts to tackle serious issues that affect them. Spoken word, dance, animation, painting, graffiti, photography and video art are but some of the mediums young people are... more

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